Valencia Holiday

Why Valencia?

It doesn’t usually get too cold in winter in Valencia and you can often sit outside during the day even in December, January or February. Locals will wear a jacket but tourists from the UK, Germany or the Nordic countries are still in shorts and Tshirt.
Daily spend is low by the standard of most countries. A 3 course lunch will be around 9 euros, including drink and coffee. Although it could be double that in the tourist center of town or for more select places.
In Spain, the timing of the meals will help you relax, breakfast is usually a cup of coffee with a toast and from there on it gets interesting Almuerzo is a big sandwich with wine or beer and snacks like olives or nuts, typically 4,50 euros. Lunch start around 2pm and dinner 9pm; that is for typical traditional restaurants. However in Valencia you can eat and specially drink pretty much at anytime. There is the highest density of bars in the world. Besides  a flourishing restaurant scene, dynamic museums, great architecture, lively nightlife, great shops and miles of beach, Valencia is bursting with Mediterranean exuberance.

Pick Turia Gardens area

The Turia river flowed around the city until the 1950s when it was diverted after flooding. The river bed has now been transformed into a park, where locals walk, run, yoga and ride bikes. Breathe the fresh air from the trees, relax on the benches or exercise on a variety of public exercise machine. Relax at the bar overlooking the lake. Be near the Turia garden and close to the metro station for easy access to the airport, the port or the Cathedral.
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From there, a short walk to Bioparc.


The animals live in as natural a habitat as possible in this 21st-century version of a zoo. Explore the ecosystems of the savannah, the forests of Madagascar and equatorial Africa, while getting up close to silverback gorillas, leopards, lions, rhinos, hippos and some very cute meerkats.

then onto

Lake in Turia Park

Valencia Cathedral

A Roman temple stood on this site, then a mosque, before the cathedral was built between the 13th and 15th centuries, mixing Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque features. The museum contains a chalice recognised by the Vatican as possibly the original Holy Grail. See paintings by Goya and other major artists, then up the Micalet belltower for sweeping city views.

Central Market

Talk about a feast for the eyes. With 1,000 stalls piled high with the best seasonal produce, this is a dazzling reminder of what real food looks like. Built in the 1920s, the art nouveau market is one of the largest in Europe. Look up to see the stained glass and mosaics adorning the domes of the iron structure, and definitely have a freshly-squeezed orange juice at the tiled bar outside.

La Lonja

Opposite the market, the 15th-century silk exchange is one of the best examples of Gothic civil architecture in Europe and has World Heritage status.

Bring a jacket but do not forget flip flops, shorts and T-shirts.