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  •   New Customers
  •   Higher initial purchase
  •   Clients buying more often

Increase sales with new customers and get more business from your user base.


It’s all changed, in 2015 half you customers will likely be reached through a mobile device, a social network. The connections are now more personal, customer acquisition is closer to seduction than to selling.


Your sales will become more desirable with New media. From your initial offer, tactfully expand the choice to all your products and services and create new packages. To continue the seduction analogy, make the most of the honeymoon.


You know it is much cheaper to nurture a Client than to get a new one. This is the basis for long term success, a meaningful relationship. For Swiss businesses in and around, Geneva , We will help you grow your clientele and increase profitability.

Boost your sales connect with pink HA media. Call

Jeff +33 606 55 55 26


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